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    Firefly Games Inc.

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Rush of Heroes is a mobile 3D RPG developed by Firefly Games Inc., is available on Android versions 4.0 and later, and it requires an internet connection to play. In Rush of Heroes you are able to assume control of a customizable band of heroes ranging from tanks to mages and rogues. As you gain experience and become stronger you will discover new zones to quest in and unlock earth-shattering skills that can completely sway a battle's outcome. New, stronger equipment will be found as your foes difficulty increases and gems can be collected to socket into your equipment which will increase your power. Players can face off against each other in PvP battles, participate in events, and ultimately try to make their band of heroes the strongest team around.


Tons of Items: Over 1,200 items including both weapons and armor which can be collected in Rush of Heroes to customize your heroes with and alter their appearance.

Arena PvP Players can battle against each other in Arena PvP matches to improve their rank. Winners of Arena PvP matches can even loot the losers and take their gear and items.

Numerous Zones: Over 150 battle areas and questing zones are available to adventure into and discover what treasures await you.

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  • Rush of Heroes Full Trailer

    Rush of Heroes is coming to the west. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more info!    

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