Rustbucket Rumble

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  • Developer:
    Reactor Zero

  • Genres:
    2D Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi, Shooter

Reactor Zero's game Rustbucket Rumble is probably best described as a 2D platform shooter MMO. Players are given the option of selecting from one of six diverse robot classes to battle their enemies with in team-based combat. The robot classes of Rustbucket Rumble include Maverick, Valentina, Bjorn, Kasumi, Daisy, and Clancy who fulfill different roles in their team, including in no particular order the tank, burst damage dealer, sniper, healer/suppressor, an assassin, and sustained damage dealer. As enemies fall, they leave behind scraps which can be used to build "El Gigante Robo Jr.", which will decimate the enemy team's base once it is completely built.


Team-focused Matches: Matches in Rustbucket Rumble are very team focused and cooperation is required if a team wants to leave victorious.

Unique Class Skills: Each of the robot classes in Rustbucket Rumble has a rather unique skill that it can use. For example, Daisy can create turrets, Bjorn can toss any scraps he has picked up to his allies, and Valentina can use a grabber claw to pull scraps to her so she can avoid potentially dangerous combat situations.

Free-to-play and Retail Versions: Rustbucket Rumble is planned to release with both free-to-play and retail versions of the game. Players who opt for the free-to-play version will only be able to use one of the robot classes in the game, while those who purchase the game will have access to all robot classes in the game.

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