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    Ferocity Unbound Core Studios

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    3D Medieval

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Sacrament is an ambitious new MMORPG by Ferocity Unbound Core Studios. As an evolution of EverQuest that meets today’s game engines and systems, Sacrament plans to be the next evolution of the MMORPG genre created by the fans, for the fans.


Unique Progression System: Rather than focusing on end game grinding like in modern MMORPGs, Sacrament's progression system allows you to achieve advancement without having to rush through the content.

Roles, Classes and Deities: Enjoy 28 different classes, 24 different races and 21 Deities to worship, all with their own unique traits, pros and cons, and benefits for PvP and PvE

World Challenges: Players will constantly be challenged by the game world with puzzles, NPCs and varied combat mechanics.

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