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Saga Online claims to be the world's very first persistant online real time strategy game.
You battle against or with thousands of players from all over the world!
The world of SAGA Online is a traditional fantasy setting populated by characters such as elves, orcs, dragons and giants. It is a free-of-charge, persistent massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game where players get to create their own realms, do battle or trade with one another, or set out on cooperative quests with their friends in order to earn experience and loot.
Among other things, the free-to-play MMORTS offers more than 1,000 quests and six factions, each with their own unique units and individual styles of play. SAGA Online incorporates many successful elements of massively multiplayer online games: there are guilds, raids, a live auction house where players can exchange cards, equipment upgrades, team quests, plundering of treasures, and so on. All of these are combined with features of real-time strategy such as city building, resource management, and warfare.

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    A divine battle has eternally scared the lands throughout the ages. Join the battle and fight for your master.

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