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Screeps is a buy-to-play 2D strategy game developed by the similarly named Screeps and is available for purchase on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux. Screeps also allows for players to purchase a monthly subscription model that will increase their CPU resource limit in the game. n Screeps players can learn JavaScript while putting their newfound programming skills to the test by programming the AI for their colony of units. By programming your units to gather resources and expand your territory you'll gain an even larger foothold on the in-game world. You'll need to outsmart and outcode your opponents if you want to become one of the players with the biggest in-game footprint.


AI Programming: JavaScript veterans and newbies alike will find being able to direct your entire colony a fresh, new way to strategize. Control every aspect of your units in the freest way possible.

Collection and Expansion: Collecting resources and expanding your empire when possible are two of the primary goals you'll be faced with. Determining when your units should do what is the true challenge.

External Development: If you find that you don't like developing your code in-game, don't worry! You can develop your code in your favorite IDE so you can program in the most comfortable way for you.

Offline Progression: The programming you've given your units will carry over to when you aren't actively playing. Make sure you keep that in mind when figuring out what automatic orders they need to carry out.

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  • Screeps Trailer

    The first official trailer for Screeps, a strategy MMO where players will develop the AI for their own units in JavaScript!

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