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SCUM is a 3D survival game developed by Devolver Digital for PC and will be available sometime in 2017 on Steam Early Access. In SCUM large private corporations have obtained complete control of the entire world, resulting in a world that is completely ruled by greed. The gap between the rich and the poor is at its largest point in all of history and the elite have brought the world to its knees, enslaving most of the population. Now those who directly oppose the world's leaders are forced into privately-owned correctional facilities where they must fight against one another for survival.


Skill Management: Everything from combat proficiencies to security systems hacking will come into play when you're fighting for survival.

Sponsors and Gifts: Remember that while you fight for your life corporate sponsors will be watching. Make sure you're being entertaining enough and you will be rewarded with gifts to help you survive even longer.

Resurrection: Live to fight another day and keep all of your hard-earned skills intact. After all, the wealthy need constant entertainment and you are here to serve.

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