Second Extinction

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  • Developer:
    Systemic Reaction

  • Genres:
    Shooter, Other

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Second Extinction is a hardcore 3 player co-op game, where your team must hunt down mutant dinosaurs in a fight for survival.

Business Model: Retail (Buy to Play)

Microtransactions: Yes; includes seasonal boosters and cosmetics.

Key Features:

Class Based Co-Op: Pick a character from one of your preferred playstyles, including Trooper, Enforcer, and Operative, in a nod to co-op shooters of the past.

Deadly Dinos: Bedazzling beasts, these dinosaurs aren't as tame as the ones at Jurassic Park! Fight against dinosaurs with menacing abilities and mutations.

Bite the Bullet: Forget spears and axes: fighting these monstrosities will require an arsenal of modern weapons, so prepare to go to war!

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