Second Life Review: Who Says You Live Only Once?


What you do in SL depends entirely on you. If you want to shoot zombies, you can. If you want to go to a club and dance your heart out, you can. Explore haunted houses, watch a movie, ride a rollercoaster, you can! The game is basically one giant sand-box.

The Art Institute to teach classes Online Via Second Life

INTERVIEW The Art Institute Online Launches Student Community in Second Life
Online Courses Will Be Taught In Virtual 3D Learning Environment

PITTSBURGH, PA – The Art Institute Online, a division of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, has opened a student campus in Second Life, a virtual online community, which will be the forum for a new Business Communications course. The faculty, realizing the potential for a rewarding learning experience, credits student interest in Second Life as the source for the course’s development.

  • MissFresh

    trying to download it but it won’t let me

  • adjef

    I played Second Life yesterday but this game is just too old, bugs galore, I had the graphics setting down low all the way and it was still laggy as hell, I have good fast internet and no other mmo lags like Second Life, it’s just one glitchy mess in serious need of an overhaul!