Seven Seas Saga Announces Battle of Lepanto Update

ARTICLE Ahoy there matey! We be asking ye if the sailing life be for ya as JOYHUBs announces the newest upgrade to their game Seven Seas Saga. The name of the upgrade be “Battle of Lepanto”. A battle that...

AlphaBeta Soup 5/30

ARTICLE The big news this week comes from Dragon’s Prophet as both the NA and EU servers fling themselves into open beta. Prime World announced they would be hosting another closed beta weekend this week an...

Seven Seas Saga Review

REVIEW By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor) OnRPG Journalist Let’s be fair shall we, the longest running discussion on the Internet remains: pirates or ninjas. Well look no further than Seven Seas Saga if you fancy...
  • locrut

    cant get on the site.

  • game sucks

    Do not open chest when u first play, it’s for a quest if you do ur account won’t work. Sucks for me.

  • Rick

    can’t get all the game 3/4 of screen is white

  • Bianca ALbuquerque

    good game but has a stupid arena, it should be by levels
    no one is going to play that way