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Shattered Skies is a FPS open-world survival game by Free Reign Entertainment. As an open-world sandbox survival shooter, it takes the genre to the next level by incorporating mutant lifeforms that are quick and cunning instead of mindless zombies that are hardly a threat like in other multiplayer survival shooters. Along with limited resources, limited weaponry and limited supplies all over, survival is truly key in the world of Shattered Skies.


Hunt or be Hunted: Alien lifeforms have appeared on Earth and are taking over the planet. They're quick and intelligent, so don't expect them to go down like mindless zombies. Players will have to use their wits to take them down or be destroyed.

True Survival: Players will have to scavenge and pillage everything they can find in order to protect themselves from mutant aliens as well as other players.

Fortify your buildings: Every building in the game can be turned into a powerful fortress with the right tools and equipment.

Safe Zones: Shattered Skies features safe zones where players can meet up, gain supplies and group up before heading out into the harsh unforgiving world once more.

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