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Ship of Heroes is a 3D MMORPG developed by Heroic Games where players can assume the role of a superhero on a spaceship! It is 2487 AD and the human population has far outgrown the capacity of the Earth. Nearby star systems have been colonized and terraformed into survivable environments for humans, resulting in the formation of the galactic Human Federation. Insanely massive ships have been constructed to help the human population move around, some of which can contain entire cities on the inside. The FHS Justice is one of these enormous ships, and it is where you'll find your home. Keep the peace on the FHS Justice, protect its citizens, and put every unruly alien you come across in its place. A ship this dangerous definitely needs its heroes!


Hero Customization: Customize your character with deep aspects like hundreds of costume options and even changing the looks of your skills.

Varying Playstyles: Choose your class from options like blaster or tanker to help define your role, but make it your own as you progress and evolve.

Harvest Pit: Venture into the Harvest Pit and see some of the alien species for yourself. Maybe you'll even find some rare items in this extremely dangerous zone to take back with you.

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