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Shop Heroes is a free to play casual mobile game developed by Cloudcade available on iOS, Android, and Facebook where players can manage their very own fantasy item shop! By recruiting workers, hiring heroes, and crafting exciting items you'll work your way towards becoming the best shop owner in all of Aragonia. The challenge isn't merely acquiring that number 1 ranked spot though, you've also got to be able to hold onto it.


Hire Workers: Hire workers that will help keep your shops stocked up on inventory and unlock new blueprints that they can craft from.

Hero Quests: Send the heroes you hire on epic quests where they will explore dangerous dungeons, slay bosses, and acquire loot.

City System: Form a group with other players and collaboratively fund a city. You can even trade resources and items amongst yourselves to help each other get even higher on the leaderboard.

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  • Shop Heroes Launch Trailer

    The official launch trailer for Shop Heroes, a casual mobile game where you can manage your own fantasy shop that sells weapons, armors, and other exciting

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