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Siegelord is a Medieval SLG browser game. Immerse yourself in the world of Thieden -- with three rival factions vying for control of the continent. Battle in real-time on a live multiplayer map, forge alliances, research new technologies, and unite the lands under your banner!


A World Divided: Choose to fight for Gorn, Nord, or Albion as you try to conquer the world. Each has their own specific advantages, so choose carefully!

Terrain Warfare: Fight across multiple terrains, each with their own special effects. Learn to specialize your army for any situation!

Form Alliances: Join with friends and battle together to claim control of the continent.

Become King: Dominate the PvP charts and become your faction's King!

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Game Videos

  • Siegelord Faction War Trailer

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  • Siegelord Trailer

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