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Sin Slayers is a 2D turn-based tactics rogue-lite featuring dark-fantasy pixel art and a difficulty-scaling system based on the choices you make in-game. Achieve complete victory over the 7 Deadly Sin Lords and escape the destiny-ending Valley of wayward souls.

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

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The Warrior - A strong, skilled, and balanced combatant capable of both striking enemies and protecting his comrades.
The Defender - The most heavily armored member of the group and foremost expert on the art of protection.
Sister of the Sainted Cross - A sect of righteous maidens trained to heal even the worst of injuries, but simultaneously suffers from low HP and light armor.
The Huntress - Though these fleet-footed archers have a low defense, they more than make up for in the ability to avoid unnecessary battles.
The Paladin - A divine messenger of god, their presence alone is enough to raise their allies' spirit and provide advanced blessings even in the absence of hope.

Responsibility Calls: Beware of unaccounted transgressions, encounters become more challenging based on your past actions.

Quest of Death: Recruit an adventurous group of heroes paying special attention to how well they'll work together in the heat of battle.

Pilgrimage: Endure energy-draining conflicts across proceduarlly generated environments like foul forests forgotten by time and crumbling cemeteries filled with the graves of fallen warriors.

Make What You Need: Collect a wide variety of ingredients for the use in crafting potions, armor, and amulets.

Hand of Fate: Level up your heroes' skills to stand a chance against any one of the ultimate incarnations of sin.

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  • Sin Slayers Kickstarter Trailer

    Scrap together a rag-tag team of brave heroes and fight your way through a Valley of death and endless night.

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