Skara: The Blade Remains

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Skara is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), available for PC, next gen consoles and portable devices, and developed by a small team of Spanish digital artists, coders, and gamers. Skara aims to revolutionize all the MMO/RPG/FPS varieties of game already in existence. It aims to create a totally new experience by blending never before seen fps-style hand-to-hand combat into a compelling story that is at once exciting and artistic.


Active Unreal Combat: Utilizing the Unreal Engine, players will have complete control over their aim and weaponry, allowing them to block and attack in incredibly unforgiving combat.

Customization and Weaponry: Rather than a traditional moba offering preset characters with set kits, you will be able to customize your characters weapon choices and race, each providing variable fighting styles and skills to one-up your foes.

Horizontal Progression: Levels will not exist, maintaining an even playing field between veteran and novice players. Only skill will differentiate you.

Offline Story Mode: In addition to a large number of modes including siege, king of the hill, horde, and faction battles, you will also be able to take part in a narrated offline mode explaining the story of your chosen race in greater detail while allowing you to hone your skills outside of the intensity of PvP combat.

Faction Warfare: The greatest players will rise to control customizable city maps that they can defend against the other factions to impact the overall flow of the world.

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