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    Lunar Rooster

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Sky Noon is a fast-paced online multiplayer first-person shooter with brawler-like elements taking place on stages high in the sky. Hook and sling across the map shooting other players and attempting to pull them down to the depths below, just make sure not fall yourself. Available for Windows.


These Violent Delights: Every aspect of Sky Noon oozes with a creatively fresh take on the the classic wild wild west theme.

Never Looking Down: Jump, jet, and teleport across blimps and buildings to survive against the cruel mistress named gravity.

Pick Your Poison: Practice in a single-player time trials mode or head to the skyline taking part in free-for-all, team deathmatch, and king of the hill game modes with up to seven other players.

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Game Videos

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  • Sky Noon Trailer

    Grapple you way across sky-high stages pushing poor souls to their death, yehaw partner!

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