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    Text Based Fantasy

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SlothMud… the ultimate in DIKUMUD! The most active, intricate, exciting FREE MUD of its kind. This text based multiplayer free online rpg game and is enjoyed continuously by players worldwide. With over 23,500 uniquely described rooms, 8,300 distinct creatures, 12,200 characters, and 7,100 pieces of equipment, charms, trinkets and other items, our online rpg world is absolutely enormous and ready to explore.

With the introduction of 4 new classes (necromancer, druid, bard, and monk) to go along with our previous 5 (cleric, mage, warrior, thief, avatar), forging, brews, in-game quests, multi-classing, multiple continents, and much, much more, Slothmud offers enough challenge to make even the most seasoned mudder never want to go anyplace else. Adventure and explore boldly by yourself or with a party in a coordinated group. Either way, play is a challenging, exciting, and consuming experience.

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