SMITE Rivals

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    Hi-Rez Studios

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    Fantasy, Free To Play, Strategy

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SMITE Rivals is a free-to-play CCA (collectible card arena) game developed by Hi-Rez Studios for PC and mobile devices. SMITE Rivals will take place in the same universe as the well-known MOBA called Smite and will feature many of the same deities that the MOBA does. By deploying your card-based units in the most strategic ways possible you'll be able to overpower your opponents and take over their tower on the other end of the battlefield!


SMITE Deities: All your favorite SMITE deities like Loki, Ymir, Thor, Neith and more will be available for you to send after your enemies.

Persistent Progression: Save your progress as you swap back and forth between playing on your desktop computer or your mobile device!

Strategies: Develop different strategies based on the deities that you bring into battles with you.

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