Plarium St. Patrick’s Day 2017

A whole host of Plarium games are receiving a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day event! – 5 Day PVP, Multiplier Tournament, – 7 Day Clan XP Tournament, Discounts, Free Gifts!  Soldiers I...

Soldiers Inc. Alien vs. Predator Event Teaser

Plarium introduces the 90-day Soldiers Inc. Alien vs. Predator event, a special campaign with 13 new units, 24 new missions, and more. The event ends on February 9, 2016.

Soldiers Inc. Full Trailer

It’s 2019. You and your mercenaries have been recruited to claim as much of Zandia as possible. Foreign powers, multinational companies and shadowy underground criminal organizations are all aft...
  • Andrzej Antas
    • Brock Lesner

      go out from here… no need hack we play fair game.

      • ddmichelle


  • christen foldager

    does anyone know why there are so many that are blocked. I have more and more friends who drop out because they become blocked

    • Brock Lesner

      i think because of using hack or anything which is not allowed like.. using many account. :



  • Aaron Burkert

    Oh Yeah I am destroying my enemies with 7200 Diamonds that I got with this trick, guys this is amazing

  • ddmichelle

    Play on browser as well:

  • Plarium Support

    Guys, here’s a brief reminder concerning different hacking software spread through social networks.
    Let me stress that it’s impossible to get free resources/troops /crystals using any third-party software.

    People who offer the following services are obvious cheaters.

    They can supposedly show «the increased number of troops ” via
    Skype using this software, but the change in the value can only be
    reflected graphically, i.e in fact you can’t attack or defend with these
    units/purchase game items with these crystals, etc., since these
    actions actually have not taken effect on the server side.

    Once this service is paid in advance for “fake
    troops/currency/resources”, these users refuse to respond to further
    messages and provide additional assistance.

    Please do not trust personally people who offer you such services
    and it’s essential that you warn other players about this practice as

    Thank you.

  • sfvarga

    Oh Yeah I am destroying my enemies with 7200 Diamonds that I got with this trick, guys this is amazing