Solstice Reborn – The Old School


With a major graphics overhaul, hundreds of new monsters and dozens of new game mechanics, Secret of the Solstice has been reborn!

Log-in to Solstice to Win!


To celebrate the launch of Solstice Reborn the guys over at outspark are preparing a contest for players who log in to the game over the next couple of days. See below for details!

Secret of Solstice Interview: It’s Been A Summer of Fun!


Summertime had us all inspired, and it's great to have an MMORPG that provides a somewhat casual experience which allows players to balance their time between playing indoors and playing outside (accursed sunburn!) during the hot holiday season. I had the chance to speak to GM Phibes, of Outspark's Secret of the Solstice staff team. For those who haven't heard about Secret of the Solstice, (SoS for short) it is a 2.5D MMO with an anime-inspired visual style. It's been more than two years since the Open Beta, and Phibes and I will be discussing the present and the future for this game.