Space Jammers

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  • Developer:
    Spread Shot Studios

  • Genres:
    2D Sci-Fi, Shooter, Sci-Fi

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Space Jammers is a local co-op arcade shooter where you must get your group to the center of the galaxy to compete in a battle of the bands. Along the way there will trouble aplenty, including running out of funds to continue the trip and dastardly space pirates, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

New Every Time: Blaze through an endless supply of content provided by the procedurally generated levels.

Arm Up: Vanquish foes with guns, sabers, and whips in addition to the ability to upgrade skills.

Just Like Old Times: Get the band back together for 1~4 couch co-op antics.

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  • Space Jammers Kickstarter Trailer

    Shoot down and plunder anyone foolish enough to try and stop you from attending the galaxy wide battle of the bands in Space Jammers!

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