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    Tiny Build Games

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SpeedRunners is a racing party game, pitting up to four players against one another in a frenzied footrace for survival. Available for play through Steam's Early Access, it's scheduled for release on PC in Q4 2014 and slated to arrive on consoles in 2015.


Never the Same Race Twice: In addition to the havoc generated by four players frantically trying to race ahead of one another, dynamic environments and game-changing power-ups guarantee that every race will be different from the last.

Level Editor Included: The only thing better than grappling your friend into a trap and leaving him in your dust is making the trap yourself. SpeedRunners features a robust level design tool that allows players to create their own custom maps to race, compete and jeopardize friendships in.

Deceptively Simple: A racing game this intense demands constant focus and quick reflexes. What it does NOT require is a Bachelor's Degree in Button Mashing. The old "easy to play, hard to master" adage comes to new life in SpeedRunners.

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Game Videos

  • SpeedRunners Xbox One Launch Trailer

    SpeedRunners announces its launch on Xbox One, free for Gold! It will also be free to play this weekend only on Steam.

  • SpeedRunners Launch Trailer

    SpeedRunners, the high-speed multiplayer racing game, is now available for official release on Steam.

  • SpeedRunners October 2015 Trailer

    SpeedRunners showcases the features that has addicted countless hapless souls online. Are you next?

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