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    Frogsong Studios

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Spellsworn is a multiplayer arena game that its developers call a mix of sumo wrestling and wizard duels. Play as a wizard and try to knock your enemies into the lava, all while avoiding it as it encroaches on the center of the arena.


Multiple Arenas: Several arenas are planned for the final release of the game to offer variety and challenge

Variety of Game Modes: In addition to an 8 player deathmatch, Spellsworn will offer 2v2, 2v2v2, 2v2v2v2, 3v3, and 4v4.

Character Customization: Choose between multiple characters, creatures, weapons, and skins, all of which are cosmetic, as skills are chosen at the start of each match.

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Game Videos

  • Spellsworn Codex Trailer

    An overview of the changes in the Spellsworn Codex update (0.5.5), which includes the Codex arena, knockback changes, and more.

  • Spellsworn Update 1 Trailer

    First major update arrives in Spellsworn with more online features, tons of bug fixes, new animations, and lots more. Get full details here.

  • Spellsworn Release Trailer

    Spellsworn, a multiplayer online arena based off a Warcraft III mod, launches into Early Access today on Steam.

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