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Spycursion is a hacking and espionage focused MMO taking place in a near-future dystopian city ruled by cyber warlords and corporate interests. Put your computer and digital networking skills to the test gaining reputation, taking on big jobs, and eventually earning a seat at the table of the ruling elite.

Business Model: Monthly-Subscription

Microtransactions: None

Key Features:

Crash Course: Follow along a guided single-player campaign learning the ins and outs of how to play.

Open-World Shenanigans: Explore and experiment in a co-op/multiplayer 3D urban sandbox packed with opportunities for nefarious means.

Eyes On the Prize: Stealthily pilfer valuable resources from other players while defending your own virtual coin purse.

Silver Tongued: Progress through dialogue trees uncovering information and manipulating actions.

Headway: Complete objectives to earn cash, upgrade equipment, and level up abilities on the skill tree.

More Than Meets the Eye: Dive into a world built from the ground up to inspire the thirst for programming and cyber security knowledge. Cut your teeth on the provided basics and expand into additional resources!

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  • Spycursion Kickstarter Trailer

    Learn about programming and cyber security while hacking other players in a dystopian world of digital corporate warfare.

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