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Stalker Online is a survival based MMOFPS. Set in an apocalyptic future, players can explore and scavenge in the urban wasteland the game provides. Mutants run rampant in the various "Zones" in the game, and change randomly with time. You can develop both weapon skills, as well as abilities to help construction buildings and defenses. While exploration is richly rewarded, the constantly changing mutant landscape will punish those going in unprepared.


Apocalyptic Setting: Focus on your own survival in this wasteland! Scavenge and hunt to find items necessary for life.

Brutal and Dangerous Mutants: From the well-armored Brutor to the simple mutant rat, face off against an army of ever changing mutants as you explore the forgotten wastes.

Artefacts: Designed for use in the Zones, artefacts are objects that can interact strongly with the world around you. From objects that reduce gravitational effects, to ones that significantly increase the rate of healing, these items will be vital to survive.

Anomalies: Zones have a variety of environmental hazards to deal with, not to mention biological. Each anomaly will have different effects, from Catapult launching you in a random direction, to the Betrayal causing panic and neurological misfires.

Customization: Skills in the game allow you to do many things. Learn combat skills to increase your ability to survive the wilds. Develop abilities to aid in construction of safe zones, and defend them with the appropriate technology.

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