Star Crusade

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    ZiMAD Games

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Star Crusade: War for the Expanse is a CCG created by ZiMAD Games. With a Sci-fi theme, Star Crusade let's players control one of six factions struggling for powering in an intergalactic space battle.


Strategy is Key: Experience endless variety with a massive pool of more than 400 playable cards, allowing for tons of strategies.

Module Cards: Game features unique module cards adds unique bonus and skills, allowing you to customize your deck even more.

Multiple Modes: Enjoy Single-player, duel mode, ranked leaderboards and more.

Constant updates: Game will feature frequent updates that will expand the game world more and more.

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Game Videos

  • Star Crusade CCG Trailer

    Star Crusade is a CCG in outer space! Very similar to Hearthstone, the trailer shows off the killer new card game in its glory!

  • Star Crusade CCG GDC 2016 Trailer

    Star Crusade is pushing the concept of CCG straight into outer space! Check out this initial reveal of gameplay.

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