Star Era

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  • Developer:
    Gorzt Inc.

  • Genres:
    Strategy, Other

Star Era is an animated trading card game featuring artwork from a number of prominent Chinese and Japanese artists. The setting takes place far into the future, well after the advent of spacefaring technology, and features exploration elements, as well as player co-op modes.


High-Profile Art: Star Era features the artwork of multiple prominent artists from both China and Japan. Fans of the 'manga' art style will be pleased with Star Era's take on card illustrations. The colors, polish, and science-fiction sleekness lend themselves well to simple animations and an overall rewarding user-interface that features smooth and easy transitions between card synergies.

Daily Events: Players are rewarded just for logging in and playing. There are a multitude of events to enjoy, from the Dare of Dragonale, to the World Boss, Tournaments, Infectors, Daily Exploration, and many more. Some of these events are solo-friendly, while others are designed to be tackled by groups of friends or even pick-up-groups.

Multiple Platform Support: Star Era is featured on three separate platforms: PC browser, android, and iPhone apps. Progress and gameplay are consistent across all three platforms, allowing players to transition easily between the three at their leisure. Resolutions and artwork are optimized for all three formats.

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