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STEEP calls only the bravest, most adventurous daredevils in the world to perform some of the most blood pumping and difficult feats known to man. Parachute to the highest points of the most deadly mountain tops and shred the slopes, available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

XTREME: Waltz with death by snowboarding, skiing, and gliding down the biggest peaks on the Earth.

More the Merrier: Compete with, and against, other players seamlessly in the huge open world.

Super Star: Effortlessly share your greatest highlights or most devastating wipeouts.

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Game Videos

  • Steep: Uplay Giveaway Trailer

    Do you want STEEP, but don't have it? Well if you have Uplay, you can receive the game for free, if you download between May 16th - 21st on Uplay! This lin

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    Steep announced the New Seasons update this morning, which brings back Live Activities in a new monthly format. There are more than 10 rewards per month th

  • Steep – X Games Launch Trailer

    The X-Games Pass is now live in STEEP, and with it comes new X-Games events - Slopestyle, Superpipe, Big Air and much more. This also comes with the Rocket

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