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Stikbold! is a 3D dodgeball MOBA developed by Game Swing for PC, Xbox One and PS4. In Stikbold! players will need to help aspiring Stikbold! athletes Jerome and Björn conquer their competition and some pretty crazy bosses that come their way. Story mode acts as a great tool to learn some of the dodgeball mechanics you're going to need to use to defeat your foes, like catching balls and even curving your throws. With a 70s theme and some retro music, Stikbold! is a whimsical rendition of old school dodgeball with some playful twists that make it into an even more exciting game!


Insane Bosses: Upon reaching boss stages in story mode you will have to help Jerome and Björn take down some fierce foes like a leviathan, a whale, and even a bus!

Local Multiplayer: Play with up to 5 of your friends in utterly chaotic dodgeball matches. Bots can even be included on teams if you don't have an even number of players to play with.

Sideline Play: When you're knocked out you aren't completely out of the match. You can still affect its outcome by throwing balls from the sidelines.

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