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    2D Fantasy

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Storm Riders is a browser-based MMORPG developed by 101XP. Become a kung-fu master and fulfill your destiny as you decide between one of the four unique characters, who are not just great warriors, but also control the elements themselves.


Unique characters: Each character has it’s own story, as well as skills that are unique to each character.

Fast-paced: Despite having turn-based strategy, it's also a fast-paced visually intense action game where you need to react quickly and make rapid decisions during battles.

Fight with Friends: Play with friends who can fight by your side. The bigger your party is, the higher your chances to win.

Meditation and offline mode: In offline mode (aka AFK mode) your character can complete quests and get experience points when you're away from your browser, while meditation gives you Spirit Points used to further your skills.

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