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Strange Brigade is an upcoming buy-to-play adventure game developed by Rebellion for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and will be available for download on Steam. In the remote corners of the British Empire shadows linger. Some even say the supernatural convene there to conduct their evil doings. The Servants of The Crown know about these places, but fear the consequences of exploring these dangerous areas themselves. With an evil Queen on the rise, darkness spreading, and riches hanging in the balance the world needs a band of true adventurers. Join up with the Strange Brigade to claim your stake and fend off one of the worst evils the world has seen!


Adventure: Choose one of four dashing, extreme adventurers seeking thrills and glory that could be found in the darkest corners of the British Empire. All of the adventurers have their own special powers, weapons, tactics and more that will make them a unique asset to your team.

Mythological Menaces: You will come upon some of the strangest mythological creatures you've ever seen. They will lurk around every corner, so be ready at all times for an encounter.

Treasures: Sure there is danger, but that also means that there is treasure! Secret caves and buried riches lay in hiding off the beaten path for those daring enough to seek them out.

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  • Strange Brigade – Global Reveal Trailer

    From the makers of Sniper Elite comes Strange Brigade for PS4, XB1, and PC! It's a trip back into the '30s, with action, traps and excitement awaiting you!

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