Stratus: Battle for the Sky

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    Storm Isle Productions

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    Fantasy, Strategy

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Stratus: Battle for the Sky is a buy-to-play fantasy RTS game developed by Storm Isle Productions for PC, Mac, and Linux and is available for purchase on Steam Early Access. In Stratus the world of Sonus is ruled by the gods of Thunder, Rain, Sun, and Wind and has been torn apart by powerful, eternal storms. Now the native inhabitants have retreated to the majestic islands floating in the sky high above the chaos below. Over time inhabitants are once again called down to the land below as the Tempests drag their islands back down during the "Times of Descent". Once there each faction must battle to prove their worthiness to the Tempests in hopes of ascending high up into the sky to safety once more, that is before the next "Times of Descent".


Resource Management: Collect and manage your resources carefully to be able to create units and afford upgrades when you need them most.

Priest Control: Take control of a priest of Sonus and align to your chosen Tempest by constructing a temple in their honor. Capturing and delivering the enemy priest to your temple is your main objective so you can sacrifice them to your own Tempest.

Factions: The Thunder, Rain, Sun, and Wind factions all have their own unique units and spells that will help players gain a strategic edge over their enemies.

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