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Subsiege is a buy-to-play sci-fi strategy game developed by Icebird Studios for PC and will be available for purchase on Steam Early Access sometime in March, 2017. In Subsiege it is now 2063 and the climactic disaster of overpopulation and over-consumption has resulted in the depletion of many important land-based natural resources. Now we must dive into the depths of the ocean in search of new resources to exploit if we hope to continue surviving. Can you handle the pressure of an underwater resource war?


Strategic Battles: Gear up and head off to war in large 12 player battles where coordinating your efforts with your teammates is key to achieving victory.

Oxygen Management: Don't just worry about hostile enemies. You'll have to carefully manage your oxygen levels and fight for oxygen sources if you even want a chance at acquiring underwater resources.

Monsters: Avoid the swarming monsters of the ocean's depths. They won't take kindly to you invading their territory.

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  • Subsiege Steam Trailer

    Humanity's battle has been... submerged. Fight it out beneath the sea in Subsiege, because RTS is better, down where it's wetter; under the sea!

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