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Sugar Rush takes place in the city of Bashew, a place brimming with intensity and energy! And you will need to fight in order to survive here.

In the arenas of Bashew your skills will be tested. You will be competing against numerous foes, real and mechanical. You may need to fight as part of a team or by yourself. There are only two kyes to winning in the fighting arenas of Bashew... survival and Spark.

Spark is an energy force so potent that it has become the focal point for all who live here. Spark is the essence of our civilization and has become so valuable that many in Bashew seeking power have begun fighting over it, stealing it from Bashew's innocent citizens.

An insatiable appetite has been built up that seems to be driven by a darkness intent on controlling all of Bashew. It is time for the good Citizenry to take up the challenge and fight back against those that would take what is ours.

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  • Sugar Rush Trailer

    Sugar Rush is a 2D free MMO developed by Nexon that will be launched in 2009. Watch this great video to enter the world of Sugar Rush!

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