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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Strategy

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Summoners Fate is a F2P turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy world filled with grand adventures to undertake, fast and fun top-down tactical combat to fight through, and hundreds of cards to collect along a rich single-player journey. Craft your ideal deck, use synergistic combos, and annihilate enemies room by room for unimaginable riches, new playable characters, and an assortment of unique spells. Available for Windows, OSX, iOS, and Android.


Into the Heart of Darkness: Uncover the mystery behind the steep increase in enemy encounters.

Conservation Effort: Carefully manage your various resources to stay strong for the long haul even in challenging raids and dungeons.

The Puppet and the Master: Face off against other players from any platform from anywhere in the world either via real-time or asynchronous play. Additionally, you will be able to take on an A.I. opponent that utilizes decks made by other players.

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    Combine the best of CCGs, RPGs, and strategy games for an unforgettable fast and fun fantasy adventure!

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