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Super Dungeon Tactics is a tactical, turn-based game developed by Underbite Games where you can fight in Crystalia against the Dark Consul’s forces alongside other members in your guild of Heroes. You will act as the leader of the guild, choosing to take on different kinds of bounties, go on exciting adventures, or responding to the please of the public. As you progress you'll come across even more heroes that want to join up with you, further expanding the possibilities of your dungeon-exploring parties. Are you ready to take on the Dark Consul?


RNG Light: Super Dungeon Tactics does have an RNG that will need to be taken into account when performing some of your attacks, but it provides a reasonable balance of both strategy and chance.

Loot-Centric Leveling: With a loot-centric leveling system you won't need to worry about some of your new heroes falling behind. Just swap some of your awesome gear over onto them and enjoy having them right up to par with the rest of your party.

Dynamic Dungeons: Dungeons will change every time you enter them, having both new rooms and new monsters for you to slay.

Ability Dice: Roll ability dice for your heroes each round that will help determine just how effective they will be and what kind of special abilities they might get to use.

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