Super Science Friends: The Video Game

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    2D Historical, Fighting

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Super Science Friends: The Video Game is a 16-bit co-op brawler where you will take on the role of a young Albert Einstein on a quest to save his friends from nefarious foes throughout time and space. Pick up helpful items and use incredible abilities as you conquer screen after screen of enemies finding and recruiting iconic figures from history to join the fight against the enemies of science! Currently seeking funding via Kickstarter.


A Hero In More Ways Than One: Charge up a multi-tiered special meter to use skills like superhuman speed, channeled beams of lethal gamma radiation, or an electrifying alternating current.

Tales Untold: Seek out notable scientists like Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla, and Charles Darwin across a wide variety of locations including a prehistoric 10,000BC or a futuristic planetary colony.

Mustache Twirler: Beat up henchmen, goons, nerds, juggernautzis, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and even the Pope on a T-Rex or final boss Adolf Hitler.

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