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    Evil Overlord Games

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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Free To Play

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Susurrus is a free-to-play story-driven web game developed by Evil Overlord Games set in an urban fantasy world. The text-based game draws from a wide variety of old-school text adventures while blending both horror and fantasy elements to create a unique RPG experience through magic, conspiracies, and world building. With a unique charm and style Susurrus gives you the chance to enter a distinct and fantastical world. Watch story arcs as they release and let your imagination unveil the ways you want your character to react.


Three Paths: Choose your path as a mage, werewolf, or vampire and watch how your power unfolds in an urban world filled with uncanny beasts and walking nightmares.

Energy: Your actions are going to cost energy, which replenishes itself over time. If you find you want to play more often than your energy rejuvenation rate allows you can buy energy for your account.

Play Your Way: You can explore the world on your own to keep your own interests at heart or you can team up with other players and take advantage of the network you form. Befriending others can lead to a unique power base of connections and resources to advance your cabal's objectives as well.

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