Tartaros Rebirth

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    Funple Play

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    Fantasy, Free To Play

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Tartaros Rebirth is a F2P action MMORPG set in a beautifully colorful world filled with all manner of customization options, fast-paced combat, and elegant storytelling to discover. Search for the legendary Obolus while experiencing everything the sky-and-ground boundary sanctuary Tartaros has to offer. Available for Windows.


My Hero: Effortlessly personalize your adventurer with a metric ton of options to choose from including which character you pick, the job they pursue, the skills they take, and of course, the way they look.

Worker Bee: Take on quests and beat endurance-testing dungeons for great rewards.

Fight King: Dive into the adrenaline pumping action with over 200 skills and 60+ jobs in the unique hunter areas.

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  • Tartaros Rebirth Trailer

    Customize your very own unique character to the extreme in the dynamic action-packed sanctuary of Tartaros.

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