The Aetherlight: Chronicles of Resistance

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    Scarlet City Studios

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The Aetherlight: Chronicles of Resistance is a buy to play episodic steampunk MMORPG developed by Scarlet City Studios for PC and Mac. Focused on retelling the narrative of the Bible to kids in their tweens in an exciting, engaging environment, The Aetherlight: Chronicles of Resistance will lead you on an adventure to restore Aethasia. The evil Emperor Usurper has taken over and corrupted the land with his army of automatons. Your job will be to join the Resistance Academy and help the mysterious Scarlet Man bring down Usurper.


Biblical Narrative: The Aetherlight: Chronicles of Resistance will help kids come to understand the Scriptures of the Bible from the Old Testament to the New Testament through an alternative world. It is even officially endorsed by the American Bible Society.

Episodic: The game will be available for purchase in episodes, each one delving even further into narrative of the Bible and helping players bring glory back to Aethasia.

Analytical Tools: Tools are available for parents so they can track their child's progress in the game and open up new conversations about faith.

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