The Battle for Sector 219

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    Large Visible Machine

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    Sci-Fi, Strategy, 2D Sci-Fi

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The Battle for Sector 219 is a buy-to-play sci-fi card game developed by Large Visible Machine for PC and Mac and is available for purchase on Steam. In The Battle for Sector 219 you will be put in charge of your own sci-fi army attempting to take over the capital city, but you'll have to fend off your enemy to attain your goal. By placing cards on the game board you'll be able to maintain your supply lines, battle your way through enemy lines, and eventually take over their main base. Just don't forget to protect your own base along the way!


Impressive Card Artwork: Not only will your cards be deadly on the game board, but they are also illustrated in a visually impressive manner.

AI Matches: Fight offline matches against AI opponents to hone your skills and prepare for the real deal.

Complete Strategy Focus: The Battle for Sector 219 purposefully does not include any collectibles so that the game's primary focus is on highly competitive matches, but it does have some Steam Achievements for you to work towards.

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