When deer dress up to party…

ARTICLE Tale of Tales prepare The Endless Forest for Mardi Gras

In anticipation of Mardi Gras on February 5, Tale of Tales have combined the artistic talents of the players of The Endless Forest with the skills of students Digital Art and Entertainment at Howest college in Kortrijk, Belgium. The result

A month of mist in The Endless Forest

ARTICLE Tale of Tales celebrate Halloween with the Velocity Festival of Digital Culture

Only a few weeks after the release of Phase Three, Tale of Tales have released a new version of The Endless Forest to accomodate for the events that will be happening throughout the month leading up to All Hallows Eve

Phase Three of The Endless Forest is here!

ARTICLE The Endless Forest is a multiplayer screensaver where everyone plays a magical deer. There's no goals or missions or chat. Gameplay consists of discovery and creative communication in a peaceful landscape filled with surprises. The project is continuously being developed further in collaboration