The Godlike

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    Black Beacon

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    Fantasy, Free To Play, MOBA, Strategy

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The Godlike is a free to play 3D fantasy MOBA being developed by Black Beacon for PC. In The Godlike you will do battle against other players in the post-apocalyptic land of Aerd, a world full of unforgiving, blood-thirsty demons. Assuming the role of a vain God, you'll be able to direct different champions and squads in intense, strategic battles. Every champion you can choose from will have their own unique skill-set that makes them shine and serve classic MOBA roles like tank, mage, and support. If you've got a t


Multi-Unit Control: Your champion won't be the only unit you control in this MOBA. You'll also need to control different 3-unit squads that will support your champion in battle, making The Godlike an even more hardcore MOBA experience.

Combo-Based Abilities: By mixing and matching your champion's abilities with your squad's you'll gain tactical advantages over your enemies and constantly create new metas.

E-Sports Friendly: The Godlike promotes friendly, but intense competition, having been designed specifically with cybersports in mind. Climb your way through the ranks and show everyone just how elite you are.

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  • The Godlike Introduction Video

    A short introduction video to The Godlike, a free to play squad-based MOBA being developed by Black Beacon.

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