The Last Of Us Part II

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    Naughty Dog

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The Last Of Us Part II is a 3D third-person survival-action game taking place in a horrifying post-apocalyptic United States. Taking place a few years after the previous entry, Ellie and Joel have finally found peace and stability in Wyoming. However, unfortunately for the duo, chaos erupts and everything changes. Pick up the pieces of a good thing gone wrong and guide Ellie on her relentless quest for revenge across the Pacific Northwest.

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

On the Road Again: Explore the overgrown ruins of Seattle all the while navigating treacherous terrain, fighting terrifying new infected enemies, and developing relationships with the local survivor groups.

An Unstoppable Force: Utilize every advantage at your disposal to survive including the likes of intense melee combat, dynamic stealth, equipment crafting, skill upgrades and more.

Crusade of Carnage: Manage the moral conflict of escalating measures against those especially deserving of justice.

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