The Metronomicon

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    2D Fantasy

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The Metronomicon is an over the top rhythm and role playing game featuring zany characters, slick colorful visuals, and a blood pumping soundtrack, available for Windows and OS X.


Mix It Up: Change the tracks on the fly to maximize everyone's involvement.

Music Mayhem: Stick to the rhythm of the electronic beats for battle efficiency.

Sensory Overload: Soak in the vibrant graphical style that perfectly matches the equally spectacular soundtrack.

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Game Videos

  • The Metronomicon: Release Trailer

    Take control of a musically-empowered hero and master rhythmic-combat-arts. Metronomicon is live!

  • The Metronomicon Teaser Trailer

    Jump to the beat with an electrifying soundtrack matched by intensely vibrant visuals in this rhythmic rpg.

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