The Stomping Land

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  • Developer:
    Super Crit LLC

  • Genres:
    Other, 3D Historical

A wilderness survival game based in a fictional stone-age era, featuring open-world PVP and massive dinosaurs. Competition with other players over kills and treasure can lead to epic conflicts. Tame your own dinosaur to gain the edge over your opponents.


Dinosaur Mounts: The Stomping Lands is home to enormous dinosaurs, from the mighty T-rex to the stout Triceratops, and many others. While there are small dinosaurs to kill and eat, the larger ones are meant to be tamed or simply avoided. The bigger the mount, the greater the hunter - even the largest beasts can be tamed.

Hardcore Survival: The objective of the Stomping Land is to scavenge meat, eat, hide, and survive. Killing the larger dinosaurs simply isn't possible, so tracking, stealth, and scavenging become important. The true challenge is in competing with other players for scavenged kills of the larger dinosaurs.

Custom Camouflage: Players can pick foliage, feathers, and leaf litter to place on their bodies, arranging them in any pattern or fashion they please to create a truly custom, tribal look. The purpose of this is also practical, as more complex leaf suits lend greater camouflage and thus greater safety in the dangerous jungles of the Stomping Land.

Tribal Warfare and Exploration: Teaming up with a tribe is one of the best ways to ensure survival. Together, explore caves in search of treasure, herbs, and medicines that can be used to tame larger dinosaurs. Determining who gets to ride the beast once its tamed is another matter entirely.

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  • The Stomping Land Trailer

    A trailer for The Stomping Land. This video features in-game footage and a multitude of features and playstyles.

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