Thea: The Awakening

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    MuHa Games

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    Fantasy, Strategy

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Thea: The Awakening is a 3D fantasy strategy game developed by MuHa Games for PC and is available for purchase on Steam. In Thea: The Awakening players can explore a world steeped in Slavic myth where an immense force called The Darkness has engulfed the world. Not only is their an oppressive evil force, but there are no heroes in this world. There is only a group of starving survivors doing their very best to survive on a daily basis whose only hope in this world is you! Do you have the resolve to lead them to salvation?


Resource Management: Be it manpower or supplies you will need to manage all of your resources carefully if you want to help your followers survive.

Dynamic Events: Will you investigate a situation further, avoid it entirely, or something in between? Thea presents players with a potential of over 200 dynamic events on their journey.

Procedural Worlds: Worlds are procedurally generated and will provide players with unique experiences nearly every time they play.

Dynamic Endings: Based on your choices you can play through the game to one of multiple different endings.

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