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NetEase was established as one of the biggest MMO company in China after clinching the rights for World of Warcraft China from The9. Tian Xia 2, though, is the company's biggest self developed MMORPG so far, taking 6 years to fine tune the game to perfection.

The game is about how 8 clans team up, despite various conflicts amongst them, to defend the human world from the invasion of the demon army.

Why is it hot:
NetEase came to prominence when they stunned The9 by outbidding the MMO bigwig for the new license for World of Warcraft China. Since then, the rocky trip to publish the game has not gone well. The company then virtually pulled a rabbit out from an empty hat by releasing Tian Xia 2. With all these attention, the game is assured of its place as one of the hottest MMORPG this year. NetEase also hired rising actress, Yang Mi, as the game's spokeperson.

Game features:
- There are 8 unique clans, each with totally different skills and functions on the battlefield.
- Player Kill (PK) is enabled in all PvE areas once players hit level 30. Killers will be attacked the town guards if they try to enter any town.
- The transformation system allows players to change into a normal or boss mob (items required). Players will then have access to a new set of skills previously not available.
- There are various exciting instances for players to team up and conquer. Each instance is delicately developed and design, so its a new experience everytime players enter.
- The game offers an indepth pet and mount growth system to all players. Watch as the pet grow and changes its looks, and eventually become a strong warrior or mount, fighting valiantly by the side.
- Almost every MMORPG has a guild war feature, so it's no exception here. Various fortresses are available throughout the world map for guilds to conquer. If you played Ragnarok Online's Emporium Wars, imagine that in full 3D with a Chinese setting. Add in various siege weapons, and you will have a really massive fight!

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