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Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Topia Online strives to be the very definition of a sandbox MMORPG. Everything in the game revolves around player interaction. You can craft, fight, explore, and whatever else your heart desires. Make friends, make enemies, form alliances, build cities, you name it, Topia Online offers it. In fact, if it doesn't, you can design it yourself using the tools provided in game to change your UI, run scripts that apply to tasks you can take, or even create new objects in the game world.


Completely Open-Ended: Whatever you want to do in Topia Online is perfectly okay! Find fighting monsters fascinating? Do so! Want to be a trader of goods? Go for it! Be a king and rule in a castle? You bet!

Play as Anything: Tired of being human? Why not try out being a wolf for a while? Perhaps a dwarf or spider will suit you better. In fact, play a dragon if you want to. You're the judge of your character.

Hardcore: A sandbox game does need a challenge, and people sometimes like to be a little wicked. Death has some serious consequence, so you need to be careful! Or, perhaps you want to inflict a little fear on the population...

Built In Design: Change your UI to suit your needs. Develop scripts that can help with tasks and skills. Create new spells or objects that others can use and enjoy!

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