Total War Battles: Kingdom

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    Creative Assembly

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    3D Medieval

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Total War Battles: Kingdom is a 3D medieval strategy MMO developed by Creative Assembly. In Total War Battles: Kingdom players are brought into the turn of the 10th Century when the world was partitioned and war was prevalent. It is the player's job to expand their influence and claim the throne by revitalizing their lands and growing their armies. Players will need to carefully manage their resources, build units, and upgrade and construct their buildings in order to advance technologically and geographically.


Cross-Platform: Though not currently available as it is only in open beta on PC, Total War Battles: Kingdom is planned to include cross-platform play on both Mac and tablets as well. This way players will be able to play anywhere at anytime.

Massive Battles: Total War Battles: Kingdom features large-scale engagements where strategy and guile will play major factors in the outcome of a battle.

World Effects: As players harvest resources, lay roads, construct buildings, and build bridges they will see their realm change before them. Even the courses of rivers can be altered to the player's advantage.

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